Game Features

TrapIt may start out easy but you'll soon be sweating as you frantically try to complete each level in time. Your goal is to stop the energy overload by isolating prisms into separate areas while maximizing your score. Create an area devoid of prisms and it fills in. Isolate prisms too slowly and new ones spawn! The more area you have filled by the time you complete the level, the more points you get.

It's all about staying calm and not wasting time - do you have what it takes?

  • Fast paced arcade action
  • Simple to play. Just swipe horizontally or vertically
  • Numerous powerups provide extra abilities and bonuses
  • OpenFeint and Game Center achievements and leaderboards
  • Instant save. If you have to quit in a hurry your game will restart at the level you left it at
  • Local highscore table for offline play
  • Listen to your own music while you play
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TrapIt - A Little Geek Production
© 2011 Little Geek Ltd, All Rights Reserved

Design, code and sound effects by Aaron Koolen-Bourke
Graphic Design by Flightless
Music by Reti Hedley

Little GeekFlightless


  • "I really loved this game and was quickly hooked" -
  • “...dare I compare it to the almighty Doodle Jump? Heck yes – it’s a lot more fun!” -
  • "Little Geek, you've made New Zealand proud. Your debut title plays well, looks good, and will probably earn you a stack of cash..." -
  • "GoodGoodyGoodyGoody" - Cody, 14 months.